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Florian Schuck

Florian Schuck grew up surrounded by the arts. His Mother was a trained Opera singer of classical music and his Father a painter. In his early teens, he himself played classical music in symphony and chamber orchestras,  and shifted his focus around the age of 18 to visual arts.


He studied Fine Arts for 3 years in Germany at the University of Bremen and then 3 more years at the Emily

Carr School of Art and Design in Vancouver, Canada. Florian majored in sculpture and installation and gained experience working with a wide range of materials, from traditional stone carving to kinetic sculptures including all aspects of mechanics and engineering.


After completing his B.F.A, he moved to Toronto to work for several high-end Galleries, (Susan Hobbs Gallery, Gallery One) and with private art consultants and collectors to understand the commercial aspect of Fine Art. Rather upset with the conflict of commerce versus creativity, he moved on to install, handle, and curate art for private and corporate Art collections: concerning himself primarily with the ideal presentation of art in order to champion its artistic value over its price tag.


With his extensive knowledge of sculpture (the relation of  an object to its environment), he expanded his practice to Interior Design, designing restaurants, office spaces, bars and private residences in Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal from 1999 to 2003.


His interior design talent, in addition to his skills as a lifelong photographer and artist, made him an outstanding designer to compose interiors and exteriors for film. From 2003 - 2008 he worked with a primary focus on art direction for commercials, and since 2008, has worked solely as a Production Designer in television.


Florian finds inspiration through play and curiosity and executes his visions and design with discipline and strategy. When he develops a strategic plan, that allows for creative improvisation he does what he does best and facilitates rich visual interpretations, creating sets that are both authentic and engaging.


He enjoys collaborating with experts in their own artistic field to create the foundation for exceptional visuals for Film and Television. Florian enjoys working on projects that manifest themselves in the real world and to shape sets in the appearance of three dimensional paintings.

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